Anger over housing scheme that will make area '˜like East Kilbridge'

Locals have lashed out at plans for a housing estate in rural Scotland that will make the area '˜like East Kilbride'
Residents of East Kilbride haven't taken too kindly to the criticism.Residents of East Kilbride haven't taken too kindly to the criticism.
Residents of East Kilbride haven't taken too kindly to the criticism.

Residents blasted plans for the estate, located between Loch Ness and Inverness, after it was revealed that Tulloch Homes wants to build the huge £250 million scheme at Ness Side, near Inverness.

It is understood the Highland Council is expected to approve the plans that will offer 800 homes at a meeting this week.

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However, many have hti back at the four storey homes ruining the landscape and turning the area near the Highland Capital into East Kilbride.

Ken Gowans, the independent councillor for Inverness South raised worries about Inverness looking like East Kilbride.

He said: “One of the most controversial things about this application is that Tulloch is looking for four-storey flats as well as three-storey.

“It will mean that people coming into Inverness from the rural setting of Loch Ness will cross the new bridge and be confronted with four-storey flats along the roadside.

“With all due respect, do we want to become like East Kilbride?

“I think that to have flats so high at an important gateway to the city and at the edge of the proposed estate, is highly controversial and undesirable.”

However, the comments attracted criticism for residents in EK.

Fiona Dryburgh, the Labour South Lanarkshire councillor for East Kilbride South said there were other towns in Scotland more worthy of notoriety.

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She said: “It’s quite rude really, isn’t it. I am not sure why anyone would single out East Kilbride. “I think East Kilbride looks nice. I cannot think there is anything that would actually make me say that I wouldn’t want to live here.

“We four storey flats, we have higher high rise flats, but also a lot of parkland dispersed throughout and around East Kilbride so it’s not grey and soulless.”

East Kilbride MSP Linda Fabiani added: “East Kilbride has always been known as Scotland’s most successful new town, attracting many residents from the Highlands and Islands over the years. We have varied, innovative house-types, and the town is a great place to live and work.

“Of course it’s up to Highland Council and Inverness to decide what suits their own area. What I would say to Mr Gowans though is: ‘Become like East Kilbride? Hah, you should be so lucky!”