Aberdeen clothing brand unwraps all-natural faux fur line

An Aberdeenshire fashion firm has launched its debut collection featuring a range of all-natural alternatives to plastic-based faux fur.

The Nadarra range is made from mohair taken from Polly Reid's own flock of goats and sheep. Picture: Contributed

Environmentally conscious clothing brand Polly Reid has unveiled its Nadarra range, a selection of tailored, cropped jackets and capelets made from mohair taken from the founder’s own flock of goats and sheep.

The fibres are then cleaned and processed onto a cotton backing to create a 100 per cent natural faux fur fabric.

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The Nadarra collection, named after the Gaelic word for natural, is handmade in the Highlands under the sustainable “slow fashion” concept.

Polly Reid, the brand’s eponymous founder and a graduate of London College of Fashion, said: “Animal welfare and caring for our environment is at the heart of the brand.

“I want to champion a sustainable slow fashion model, which promotes the idea of buying fewer clothes of a higher quality, made of natural materials that will last longer.

“By introducing a natural faux fur I hope to show that there is an natural alternative to the petroleum faux fur that is cited as a contributor to micro-plastic pollution.”