Aberdeen boutique owner Sonya Angus exceeds turnover target

The owner of an independent boutique in Aberdeen – and a former high-end fashion buyer at Jenners in Edinburgh – has unveiled a rebrand and seen a double-digit exceeding of second-year turnover targets.

Sonya Angus (pictured) says the shop in Cults has evolved. Picture: Judy Laing Photography.

Sonya Angus is behind the shop based in The Courtyard, Cults, that has rebranded from Sonya Angus: Gifts, Furniture and Interiors to Sonya Angus: The Unique Boutique.

After exceeding turnover expectations in the business’ first six months by 31 per cent, sales in year two hit more than £125,000, 15 per cent more than her target.

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The second half of 2018 was “particularly” profitable, with a year-on-year rise of almost 30 per cent. Moreover, her December sales alone reached £19,000, up by nearly 60 per cent from the year before.

Angus, a personal and home stylist, said she had set the “ambitious” target of growing turnover by 5 per cent, “so couldn’t believe it when I blew it out of the water with figures I hadn’t dreamed of until year three or four”.

Now, she is refreshing her branding to reflect the boutique having “evolved” and is focused on a personalised offering.

She started out as the youngest assistant buyer of her time at Jenners, going on to manage multiple fashion departments, million-pound budgets and designer brands.

Angus found her knack for styling homes as well as people while working as a buyer for a 40-store Australian interiors brand, and on returning to Scotland was involved in the launch of Molton Brown’s ­flagship Edinburgh store.