A90 speed cameras '˜busiest in Scotland'

Speed cameras on the A90 between Stonehaven and Dundee are the most active in Scotland.

Average speed cameras were introduced in a bid to improve road safety

New statistics for the first few months of this year indicate they caught four times as many speeding drivers as the next on the ‘active’ list, the A9.

The figures represent the equivalent of 29 motorists falling foul of the average speed cameras each day.

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Research was carried out by GoCompare through a Freedom of Information request to police forces across the UK.

Arron Duncan, North safety camera unit manager said: “While it remains disappointing that a significant number of motorists have failed to adhere to the speed limits in place for their respective vehicles, it is important to highlight that the figures quoted represent a very small minority of the road users overall on the routes and speed limit compliance levels in excess of 99% are generally achieved.

“Those detected speeding to-date are either not paying sufficient attention to the task of driving or have clearly made a conscious decision not to comply.”

Mearns Councillor Leigh Wilson said: “While it is disappointing that cameras have been disproportionately active in this part of the country, I think average speed cameras have been successful in bringing the general speed of motorists down.

“In terms of normalising the speed of traffic it has certainly made a difference and people’s confidence in the ability to deter rogue motorists has also improved.”

Average speed cameras on the A90 between Stonehaven and Dundee began operating a year ago.

*Further details about the GoCompare research can be found at https://www.gocompare.com/car-insurance/speed-offences/