Wikileaks GI story set for Edinburgh Festival show

The story of Bradley Manning, the US soldier accused of releasing thousands of secret military cables and logs from the Iraq and Afghan wars to the Wikileaks website, is to take centre stage at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Welsh National Theatre will be producing a show charting the story of the GI, who spent his school days in west Wales and has now spent almost two years in prison awaiting trial.

It was initially performed at the 25-year-old’s school, in Haverfordwest, last year, but has not been staged outside Wales before. Covering around ten years of his life, it is said to explore whether his adolescent years may have had an impact on his apparent radicalisation.

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The performances in Edinburgh, at St Thomas of Aquin’s High School, will be live-streamed on a dedicated website, which will also feature various links to Manning’s story and a live comment stream for audiences.

Manning has admitted some of the charges against him, but has denied aiding the enemy and could still face up to 20 years behind bars even if a full prosecution is unsuccessful.

The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, which is penned by Welsh playwright Tim Price, will be part of the British Council showcase at the arts festival this summer.