Watch as Sky News reads out Limmy's 'tribute' to Peter Stringfellow

Several news organisations have fallen for the Glasgow comedian and prankster Limmy's fake tribute tweet following the death of Peter Stringfellow.
Limmy: Glasgow's favourite jokerLimmy: Glasgow's favourite joker
Limmy: Glasgow's favourite joker

Limmy’s traditional ‘tribute’ tweet, posted when a celebrity dies, was read out live on Sky News by an unsuspecting presenter reporting on the death of the nighclub boss.

The i and Evening Standard also fell for the joke.

Limmy tweeted: “Had the pleasure of meeting Peter Stringfellow at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.” The Glasgow comic is known to tweet the same message every time a celebrity dies.

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But Sky presenter Sarah-Jane Mee was get caught out as she he read the joke tweet out as a sincere tribute.

After it was read out on Sky News, Limmy’s fans told him his tweet had been featured.

A fan wrote “nice to hear your tribute this morning” and the comedian replied simply “HAHAHAHAHAHA!” His response has had 12K likes on Twitter and the video clip has had more than 5K likes.

“It was only a matter of time,” responded one Limmy fan.

Another tweeter commented, “Limmy certainly meets a lot of people at charity do-s.”

Limmy is famous for his online pranks. He once trolled the Queen on her birthday by posting a video of himself spitting outside Buckingham Palace and on April Fools Day he faked his own death, posing as his girlfriend.