Viral Digest: Five of the week’s best videos

VIRAL video hits this week include stranded moon men, soulful buskers and Star Wars (naturally)

New images from The Force Awakens appear in the latest international trailer. Picture: Youtube

‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane?’

An online hoax by humour site The Poke caused titters across the country, as spectators of a fireworks display in Glasgow were treated to the image of a giant penis across the night’s sky. The video was fake, but it didn’t stop people wishing it was real.

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Sam Cooke in the Subway

Busker Danny Small picked up more than the usual spare change after a performance in a New York Subway station. The video of his soulful rendition of the Sam Cooke classic A Change Is Gonna Come was posted on Facebook and racked up nine million views in a week and a half.

The Force Awakens

Likely to be causing waves online through for the forseeable future, a new international trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film has surfaced online. The new two and a half minute video includes footage previously unseen in the English language trailers, including TIE fighters flying over a sunset on Tatooine. Luke Skywalker is still yet to be seen.

Christmas tears

John Lewis continued Christmas tradition and released their annual festive tearjerker - ditching raggedy penguin dolls in favour of an elderly man trapped on the moon. The geriatric spaceman befriends a girl with a telescope looking to be his friend. Handkerchiefs at the ready, folks.

‘Adele? It’s David’

More familiar with the animal kingdom than the UK pop charts, Sir David Attenborough provides a classic narration of the beginning of Adele’s latest music video for latest single ‘Hello’. The knighted naturalist is at first worried that he may upset the British singer songwriter, but is convinced by Radio 1’s Greg James that she would “probably love it more than anything”.