Video: Ten breathtaking Scottish island locations to add to your travel bucket list

Scotland has hundreds of islands offering everything from relaxing on the beach to climbing down into 5,000-year-old ruins.

Travelling around Scotland’s island communities is an adventure not to be passed up on. From magnificent beaches to incredible adventures and captivating history, around ever corner is a new discovery that will take your breath away.

Scotland gets has a dismal reputation for dreary weather, but when the sun sits high in a cloudless blue sky, you get a new sense of appreciation for the wilderness.

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It’s hard to know how to narrow down your options, especially when your discovery time is limited.

In the video above, you’ll find we’ve separated ten island destinations into breathtaking beaches, amazing adventures and sleepy island life stops.

So whether you’re planting a beach towel down on Vatersay Bay, venturing deep into the mouth of Fingal’s Cave, or raising a dram at Tobermory Distillery, you’re be safe in the knowledge you’re making the best of your time in Scotland.