Video: breathtaking clip shows Glencoe mountains in all their glory

AN exhilarating new video posted on social media shows the Aonach Eagach ridge in Glencoe in all of its breathtaking glory.

Aonach Eagach ridge. Picture: Steaming Boots
Aonach Eagach ridge. Picture: Steaming Boots

The two minute clip, which was the creation of the Steaming Boots film company, has already been viewed more than 200,000 times.

Murray Wilkie, who helped to create the video, posted the results on his Facebook page Scotland’s Mountains, with the thrilling clip becoming and immediate hit with the page’s followers.

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Murray explained that he started up Steaming Boots with a fellow mountaineering enthusiast and now both regularly contribute to the films, though The Aonach Eagach (the Notched Ridge) video was a solo venture. He said: “I had done the AE a number of times before but hadn’t been up it for a few years. Back at the start of summer there had been a really good spell of weather towards the end of May and start of June.

Murray is an avid mountaineer. Picture: Steaming Boots

“I hadn’t been out during this time so when I saw the forecast that the weather was to change, I decided I needed a wee adventure and made up my mind to head up onto the ridge.

“I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked - I needed to be back to spend time with my kids - so I left Perthshire late and arrived in Glencoe as most people were coming off the mountain.

“I had loads of daylight left, though I hadn’t decided if I was going to traverse the ridge that evening or first thing in the morning.

“I pitched the tent at the start of the walk on the summit of Am Bodach and then decided that I would wake early, and set off along the ridge. Sunset was at stupid o’clock so I set the alarm for around 03.30am.

The film maker likes to document the amazing scenery and views on his climbs. Picture: Steaming Boots

“I was off before the sun came up and caught an absolutely majestic sunrise as I made my way along the ridge high above Glencoe, it was amazing. As I usually film my adventures, I had all of my equipment with me. This made the climb up to the top rather hard on the old knees, I left my tent on the summit but took my cameras with me to film the crossing.

“I crossed the ridge, then reversed it, to make my way back to the tent and didn’t meet a soul the whole time I was up there. I was packed up and back at the car just after 08.30am. Got home and spent the day with the kids - don’t think they realised I had experienced such a grand adventure before they had even rose for the day. There is something special about being in the hills while the rest of the world sleeps.”

Murray expalined that he makes the films and created the social media pages to highlight just how spectacular the Scottish Landscape is, he said: “I don’t think everyone realises this, but it’s beautiful and those who get out there and experience it will also enjoy the exercise and fresh air.”

He also added that the weather is not always as good as it is in the video, saying: “The good days make up for the ascents in blizzards and howling winds.”

Murray is an avid mountaineer. Picture: Steaming Boots
The film maker likes to document the amazing scenery and views on his climbs. Picture: Steaming Boots