US tourist '˜overwhelmed' by response to lost camera appeal

A tourist who made a heartfelt online appeal for the camera she lost on a poignant trip to Scotland has said she has been overwhelmed by the response.

Picture: PA
Picture: PA

Sheila Flanagan, 70, from Argyle, Texas, posted on Facebook asking for help after losing her camera at Loch Lomond during a trip to Scotland.

The post was shared thousands of times and Mrs Flanagan said she has been inundated with messages from people trying to reunite her with her pictures.

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Her camera is yet to be found but she still hopes she may get back photographs of what she fears might have been her last trip to Scotland - a country she loves so much that she has a “Made in Scotland” tattoo and wants her ashes scattered there.

She got the tattoo aged 66 on her first trip to Scotland in tribute to her Scottish mother Margaret, who was seven months pregnant with her when she moved to the US as a war bride.

Mrs Flanagan said: “I’ve had so many people trying their best to spread the word to help me find my camera. I just love Scotland and now this has happened it just tells me why.

“It’s been heart-warming and very touching that so many people are willing to help me and who knows, maybe it will happen and I’ll get the pictures back.

“If I never get my camera back, it really is okay because this experience has just solidified my love for Scotland and has shown me why I have had such a deep-seated love for the country all of these years.

“It’s just a beautiful country with beautiful people. The kindness and caring has absolutely overwhelmed me.”

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She said in her original appeal: “I know this is probably crazy to think someone might have found my camera, but I’m going to post this anyway. I had the most fantastic trip to Scotland in May with my son and other family.

“We had left the Isle of Skye on our way to our last night in Glasgow and had stopped at Loch Lomond. The battery ran out in my camera and I thought I put it in the rental car. When I got back to Texas, I realised I didn’t have my camera.

“I tried the rental car agency and the hotel we stayed in our last night in Glasgow, no luck.

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“So, if anyone has found a red Canon Powershot camera and would like to contact me, I would LOVE to just get the pictures back. You are welcome to keep the camera.

“I turned 70 in July and I am afraid that might have been my last trip to my beloved Scotland.”

Mrs Flanagan can be contacted at [email protected].