US television audiences get taste of life on Eigg

A glimpse of life on the 'enchanting' isle of Eigg has been shared with television audiences in the United States.
The Isle of Eigg. PIC: Neil Hanna/TSPL.The Isle of Eigg. PIC: Neil Hanna/TSPL.
The Isle of Eigg. PIC: Neil Hanna/TSPL.

A documentary on the island and its people has been aired on the CBS show 60 minutes which aims to highlight lesser-visited destinations across the world.

Producer Draggan Mihailovich said: “Eigg is an enchanting island, People usually ask you ‘who is your favourite author or what is your favourite band?’

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“On Eigg they ask you ‘what is your favourite view?’”

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The camera crew, who stayed in pods and hired bikes instead of cars to get them around the island, were on Eigg to report on how the island has fared since the community buyout 20 years ago.

Presenter Steve Croft described Eigg as an “ungroomed masterpiece of nature” and spoke to several islanders for the programme, including taxi driver Charlie Gallie who relocated from the mainland around four years ago.

The presenter asked Mr Gallie what the difference was between islanders and those on the mainland.

Mr Gallie said: “The people on Eigg are more evolved. This thing of ‘you must pay your mortgage, you must be on the hamster wheel and pay all the bills....well, you get to a stage where you can break free of all of that.”