Under the Radar: Glassmasterer

Edinburgh-based DJ and producer Glassmasterer made us sit up and listen on Monday when his latest track was premiered on Vic Galloway's Radio Scotland show.

Subverting the current hit-making formula based on lots of short-lived good bits which are over before they can be properly appreciated, Last Chance To Make Plans takes the listener through various beguiling stages which are enjoyably weird. Featuring synth pop duo Chuchoter, it begins with that organ sound popularised by Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight, then morphs into a disco vibe reminiscent of Eighties trio Imagination, continues with a female vocal and finishes with a selection of curious noises and recordings. It’s tempting to say “you couldn’t make it up” but Glassmasterer has, creating an aural chop suey and one of our favourite tracks of 2018. An album featuring guest musicians is in the pipeline and on 14 September he plays with a full band at Edinburgh’s The Mash House supporting Future Get Down.

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