Under the Radar: Iona Fyfe

Iona Fyfe has had a meteoric rise in the trad world over the past couple of years, playing to thousands of people on a touring schedule which would make Metallica look like skivers.

Iona Fyfe

Growing up with the ballad tradition in her native Aberdeenshire she was already performing at the age of five, absorbing the music of artists such as Jimmie Hutchison, Joe Aitken and Carole Prior. Fifteen years later, Fyfe has established herself as one of the leading voices of a new generation of songwriters, with a string of awards and prestigious appearances. Her debut album Away From My Window, which was premiered at a Celtic Connections gig this year, is a captivating collection of songs which includes an illustrious cast of musicians.

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Before she heads off on a European tour next month, Fyfe will be wowing Scottish audiences with her talents in Glasgow (Thurday), Edinburgh (Saturday) and at Linlithgow Folk Festival (8 September). Find out more at www.ionafyfe.com

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