TV This Week: Citizen Khan| Amazing Spaces

Your pick of this week’s TV.
Remember Me with Michael Palin. Pic: BBCRemember Me with Michael Palin. Pic: BBC
Remember Me with Michael Palin. Pic: BBC


Philip’s Text Santa Marathon (ITV 3, 5pm)

AS we all know, Christmas is a time for giving, which is one of the reasons the month beforehand turns into an appeal-ing time.

In the spirit of giving until it hurts, quick-witted silver fox Pip Schofield will be drawing on decades of TV experience (as well as a few cups of coffee) to keep us entertained for the duration of this latest telethon.


The Great Interior Design Challenge (BBC Two, 7pm)

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16 episodes down the line, it’s time to crown the winner. Tonight we see the two finalists go up against each other in a challenge which tasks them with re-designing a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom in Holme Eden Hall in Carlisle, a 19th-century stately home, no converted into individual apartments.

As usual, historian Tom Dyckhoff is on hand to explain the unusual design behind the house.


Living On The Edge: Blood In The Sea (Channel 5, 7pm)

CHRIS Terrel’s new series finds him setting out to discover how people endure in regions where nature is at its most ferocious, a journey that begins in Mauritania. The African country is arguably most famous for its vast deserts and nomadic people, but it also has a long tradition of fishing - its Atlantic coast borders some of the richest grounds in the world. But although there are big catches to be had, the waters can also be treacherous.


George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces (Channel 4, 9pm)

THERE’S a sci-fi theme running through this episode too a George travels to Macclesfield to meet a novice builder who is planning to spend just £300 on a Doctor Who-style multifunctional play den.


Citizen Khan (BBC One, 8.30pm)

SERIES three of Adil Ray’s sitcom about a Birmingham-based Pakistani Muslim community leader continues. In this week’s offering, Shazia (Maya Sondhi) is looking forward to having fun with her friends as the day of her hen party arrives. However, a few unwelcome guests tag along - and she is soon bombarded with everyone’s stories of married life.

Meanwhile, Amjad’s stag do is being organised by his future father-in-law Mr Khan, so what could possibly go wrong?


Casualty (BBC One, 9pm)

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ASH’S conviction to save everyone begins to worry the team and Connie asks Dylan to keep an eye on him.

Grace’s grandmother Audrey arrives after another of her nanny’s quits, and Cal flirts with Taylor, a patient who comes into the Emergency Department with chest pains.


Remember Me(BBC One, 9pm)

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ROB meets Hannah and her brother Sean in Scarborough and tells them Tom has been sighted at a nearby caravan park and they find him battered and bruised, his caravan destroyed and drenched in water.

Tom refuses to be drawn on the significance of Scarborough Fair, but admits that the singer of the song, Richard Hutton, was his wife Dorothea’s grandfather.

Hannah is determined to use the Scarborough Fair song to free Tom, but at what cost to her and Sean?