TV Gladiator smashes ancient Scots weightlifting record

A former contestant on TV series Gladiators has smashed an ancient Scots weightlifting record in Deeside.

James Crossley, who was Hunter in the hugely popular 90s show, trained for four months to lift the Dinnie Stones, two granite boulders with a combined weight of 332.49kg or 733lbs, to beat the previous record of 33.9 seconds.

The Dinnie Stones were first lifted by Scottish strongman Donald Dinnie, from Birse, Aboyne in 1837.

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After two failed attempts, the weightlifter and strongman summoned all his strength to lift the rocks at the Old Potarch Hotel in Aberdeenshire.

James Crossley, who starred as Hunter in television show Gladiators, now holds the record for lifting the Dinnie Stones.

Crossley’s successful lift of 34.58 seconds sets a new record.

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The smaller of the stones weighs 144.47kg (318.5lbs) and the larger a massive 188.02kg (414.5lbs).

The stones are named after Donald Dinnie who is considered by some to be the world’s first sporting superstar.

James Crossley celebrates his record on Deeside. PIC: Contributed.

He achieved international fame from his exploits around the world.

In the 1830’s huge iron rings were attached to the stones so that they could act as counterweights for scaffolding during the maintenance of Potarch Bridge.

Thirty years later, Dinnie famously carried them both with his bare hands across the width of the bridge that crosses the River Dee.