TV boxset of the week: Master of None

A WEEKLY guide to the best TV boxset available to stream right now. This week we put new Netflix comedy Master of None through its paces
Master of None creator Aziz AnsariMaster of None creator Aziz Ansari
Master of None creator Aziz Ansari


The show is based around the life of 30-something actor Dev (Aziz Ansari) who is contending with his career, love life, friends and his parents. Each episode tackles a different aspect of Dev’s life as well as everyday problems that are largely left untouched by your average comedy series.

Not only is there a quirky and extremely endearing love story within Master of None, but the show also explores the pitfalls of dating in the 21st century. Master of None also dips into themes of immigration (Dev’s parents are immigrants from India), race, and generational differences. Although these topics seem relatively heavy for a light-hearted 30-minute sitcom, they’re thoughtfully explored.


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Dev is played by comedian, show creator and writer Ansari, most famous for portraying the lovable yet obnoxious Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation. Ansari has created a character that is much more like the persona he has developed in his stand up performances. He draws on personal experience and his own family (Dev’s parents are played by Ansari’s parents) to give the show a human touch. Ravi Patel and Claire Danes also feature.


As far as new comedies go, Master of None is pretty much up there with the best. Not only does it revolve around relatable everyday situations faced by those trying to fight their way through modern day life, it does so in such a way that it doesn’t make them seem so bad. The show has been a huge hit with critics.


All ten episodes are streaming now on Netflix.