Scottish Opera brings BambinO tour to Banchory

BambinO, Scottish Opera’s critically acclaimed ‘opera for babies’, is touring to Banchory in August.

Written by the Company’s former Composer in Residence Lliam Paterson, BambinO was originally directed by Improbable’s Phelim McDermott, and is revived by Lissa Lorenzo.

The pioneering and unique piece of music theatre, which is sung in English, is ideal for infants up to 12 months.

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It celebrates the possibilities of music and the power of the infant imagination by reinventing operatic language and traditions for children at an age when their minds are wide open to new sounds, images and experiences. Babies are free to explore during the performance, and to interact with the singers and each other.

Hazel McBain as Uccellina in BambinO. (Photo: James Glossop)Hazel McBain as Uccellina in BambinO. (Photo: James Glossop)
Hazel McBain as Uccellina in BambinO. (Photo: James Glossop)

Designed by Emma Belli & Giuseppe Belli, BambinO is set in a captivating world of bright colours, fluffy clouds, and quirky characters, and tells the story of a young bird leaving its nest for the first time, with Charlotte Hoather and Samuel Pantcheff reviving the roles of Uccellina and Pulcino.

BambinO premiered in 2017 and has since toured all over Scotland, Paris, New York and Oman.

They are accompanied by cellist Andrew Drummond Huggan and percussionist Darren Gallacher, and the Music Director is Chris Gray.

Scottish Opera’s Director of Education and Outreach, Jane Davidson, said: “We are delighted to be back touring this wonderful production after a four year hiatus. This is a magical piece of music theatre specially created for our littlest audience members, who often do not get a look-in at opera, but who greatly benefit from the power of music.

"It is a perfect opportunity to experience opera, created in miniature, through the eyes, ears and imagination of your very own bambinos, as they explore a beautifully crafted world full of golden eggs, soft blue cushions, fluffy clouds and soaring notes.”

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BambinO is supported by Scottish Opera’s New Commissions Circle and Scottish Opera’s Education Angels.

BambinO will be at The Barn, Banchory on August 24 and 25, 10am & 11.30am. For tickets, visit

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