Interview: Daniel Sloss, comedian

ALL the highs and the lows and the to’s and the fro’s - it’s been some year for the so-called Justin Bieber of stand-up.

The highs? “Definitely playing the Fringe,” beams Daniel Sloss, the precociously talented Fifer who sold out every show during a month-long stint here. “If I could make the Fringe last all year, I would. It’s got such a brilliant atmosphere and the audiences are amazing... I adored it.”

The lows? “I don’t want to sound bitter, but losing the Fringe’s Critics v Comedians football match 7-3 was hard to take,” he laughs. “It was entirely the fault of Eric Lampaert and Paul Sinha. But hey, I scored a goal - that’s the important thing.”

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The to’s and the fro’s? “I’ve visited south-east Asia, Singapore, Bali, Malaysia, and played at the Sydney Comedy Festival,” he says. “It’s been mental, but I’m the luckiest b*****d in the world.”

Tomorrow, Sloss brings latest show The Joker to the Pleasance Theatre. “I’ve never themed my shows, but you can expect my observations on life, my experiences with family and my girlfriend,” he says. “I’m not going to change your opinion or make you a better person - but hopefully I’ll make you laugh!

“Basically,” he adds, “I’m 21 years old, I’ve never had a real job, and I’m not in any position to be giving advice to people. It’s just an hour’s worth of what I find funny.”

Daniel Sloss, Pleasance Theatre, tomorrow, 7.30pm, £14 (£12), 0131-650 4673