Edinburgh Festivals Daily Guide - 15 August

IN TODAY’S Festival Newsletter the celebrated author David Sedaris, who arrives in Edinburgh this week, talks about being “dragged kicking and screaming” to shows. Have you had similar Fringe experiences? Tweet them with #wow247fest

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Sometimes, a show appears on the Edinburgh Fringe that is so timely that it seems as though it must have been created yesterday. The National Theatre of Wales’ The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning is not a brand-new show; it was first seen in April in Haverfordwest, the Welsh town where Manning spent some of his teenage years.

After the daftness supreme of last year’s Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominated show, Nonsense Overdrive is an underwhelming follow-up. Indeed, in one of several tales seemingly drawn from his actual life, as opposed to his time-travelling jaunts through classical history, he relates the stupidity that once destroyed his laptop, prompting the free-wheeling maverick to take a looser approach to his show.

Circus is not in short supply at this year’s Fringe. If you’re in the mood for trapeze, aerial work, acrobatics or hula hoop, take your pick, there’s a lot out there. Every one of the artists delivering this increasingly popular artform has spent years honing their craft to get it right.

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In his biographical tales David Sedaris has an uncanny knack of discovering the remarkable among the mundane. Interview by Jay Richardson

A lot can happen in 30 years. When Adam Mars-Jones’ first book of short stories was published in 1981, it was typeset in movable type. Writers had to pay for excessive corrections to manuscripts but, on the other hand, had few obligations in terms of publicising their books. Literary festivals were almost unknown.

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I’ve been a comedian longer than I’ve been a sex worker. At 18, I tried a bit of stand-up, but failed when I realised I had nothing to say. I resorted to a flurry of self-deprecating ‘fat girl’ jokes, and my dad’s mid-life crises – basically, stuff we’ve all heard before.

Ian Rankin told his Book Festival audience he almost found himself on the wrong side of the law while researching his most recent novel. Off on his travels around the Highlands as part of the research for Standing In Another Man’s Grave, he decided to take a trip to the Police Headquarters in Inverness for another look.

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