Dance review: Diversity, Glasgow

Since winning Britain’s Got Talent over Susan Boyle almost five years ago, street dance troupe Diversity have produced two stadium tours, become reality show judges themselves, sold a lot of DVDs and calendars and, in the case of youngest member Perri, grown taller. But like all the Cowell empire acts, they must be aware that the public’s attention is fickle.


Diversity - Hydro, Glasgow

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So this third tour, titled Limitless, ups the ante by tying together their routines with a story, narrated and devised by their young and earnest leader Ashley Banjo. They’re revealed to have become the super-powered protectors of the earth, facing off against a dark destroyer (a bit like Simon Cowell) who expresses his evil by spinning on his head (OK, not so much like Simon Cowell). Underlying it all is a wholesome message about using your full potential and making the right choices in life.

The eight dancers throw themselves into their precision formations, flips and poses with impressive energy and timing. There’s rarely a breather, as the show throws everything into its frenetic staging, with effects, lights, wirework and very loud music constantly inspiring excited screams from an enthusiastic young audience – particularly whenever Perri somersaults.

Guest performers add acrobatic routines, 1940s jive, magic tricks, live guitar and an even smaller tumbling boy, as if they’re trying to incorporate a whole variety show line-up into the Diversity phenomenon.

It’s not, then, a conventional dance show, but it is relentlessly entertaining and a terrific introduction for youngsters.