Comedy review: The One-eyed Men’s Friendship Formula, The Free Sisters, Cowgate

ALEX, Sam and Ben – three young men who are obsessed by friendship. And they explore this subject in a disjointed series of sketches that are laced with humour – but only just. **

The One-eyed Men’s Friendship Formula

The Free Sisters, Cowgate

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Star rating: * *

While the three likeable performers are obviously enjoying themselves, that’s not quite enough to carry the performance.

They take on the guises of characters such as scientists and gang members in a prop-heavy production that uses everything from chicken masks to police helmets. It should work, but instead it just stumbles along.

That said, there are some great little moments, as when they become confused between The Bible and Lord of the Rings. And when they re-enact an Inception theme using string-linked colanders to enter the dream state. Unfortunately, the moments that rise above amateur are few and far between.

What saves this show from total mediocrity is the energy and relish with which the performers throw themselves into each skit.

• Until Sunday