The Arches nightclub has hours cut to midnight

GLASGOW nightclub The Arches has had its hours curtailed following complaints by police.
The Arches nightclub. Picture: SNSThe Arches nightclub. Picture: SNS
The Arches nightclub. Picture: SNS

The city council’s Licencing Board confirmed today that it had restricted the club’s hours meaning it will no longer be able to open until 3am and will have to close at midnight instead.

The Midland Street nightspot, which regularly host events attended by hundreds of clubbers, has been the source of controversy in recent years.

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Police Scotland last month made a bid to have the club closed after a woman was found outside unconscious in the street and 26 drug and alcohol-related incidents were reported.

Lawyers acting for The Arches, however, successfully argued against the move.

The club raised its minimum age admission to 21 following the death of 17 year-old Regane MacColl who fell ill after taking a “Mortal Kombat” ecstasy-like tablet.

Chief inspector Mark Sutherland from Police Scotland said: “Police Scotland is committed to keeping people safe by promoting public safety and preventing crime and disorder within and associated with licensed premises.

“In order to maintain this commitment a review of the premises licence at The Arches was prepared and submitted to the Licensing Board for their consideration.

“We recognise the decision of the Licensing Board.

“Police Scotland will continue to work in partnership with all responsible licence holders and designated premises managers across Scotland. We strive to ensure licensed premises maintain a safe environment, free from violence, disorder, drug taking and excessive levels of drunkenness – all of which can endanger people.

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“Our aim is always to work closely with licence holders to uphold the law and provide a safe environment for their patrons to enjoy alcohol responsibly. Where breaches of licensing legislation occur we will take appropriate action and record and report this to the local Licensing Authority.”

Mark Anderson, executive director at The Arches said: “We’re obviously very disappointed with today’s outcome. We will now have to consider our options but the impact of this decision may well result in the closure of one of Europe’s most highly regarded arts venues, and the loss of a key contributor to Glasgow’s night time economy. Not only is it a bad day for the Arches, but the portents do not look good for the wider licensed trade.”