SNP vows to kick pavement parking to the kerb

The SNP has pledged to act to tackle the problem of pavement parking when new powers are devolved to Holyrood.

A car parked on a pavement in Edinburgh's Cowgate. Picture: Scott Louden
A car parked on a pavement in Edinburgh's Cowgate. Picture: Scott Louden

Transport Minister Derek Mackay vowed if re-elected in May, the Scottish Government would bring in legislation to deal with the issue.

He spoke as MSPs unanimously approved the general principles of a member’s bill brought forward by MSP Sandra White.

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The Footway Parking and Double Parking Bill aims to make it illegal for vehicles to obstruct pavements and dropped kerbs, and would also restrict double parking on public roads.

Ms White said: “I’m delighted that this important Bill has passed the first stage of the parliamentary process, meaning that the Parliament agrees with the principles of the legislation and will now scrutinise the detail.

“Reckless parking can make life extraordinarily difficult for those with mobility or sight issues as well as many other pedestrians. It’s right that we make it clear that bad parking is unacceptable.

“After raising this issue for several years I am glad that we now have the power to act.”

Mr Mackay told MSPs at Holyrood that there were a “number of issues which still require to be worked through” with regard to Holyrood’s ability to legislate in this area.

Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick has previously ruled that the Bill is outside the current legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament.