Scotland’s most photogenic shed ‘ruined by weather’

SCOTLAND’S most photogenic shed has been left in ruins after falling victim to wild winter weather.
Scotland's most photogenic shed near Glen Etive. Picture: CCScotland's most photogenic shed near Glen Etive. Picture: CC
Scotland's most photogenic shed near Glen Etive. Picture: CC

Photographers from all over the world travel to the Scottish Highlands to take pictures of the old wooden shed, complete with a rusting Raleigh bike.



The structure, amid the breathtaking beauty of Glen Etive, near Glencoe, has been around for decades, and has showed gradual signs of wear and tear over the years.

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However, the winds of 70-90mph that recently battered the Highlands have left it close to collapse.

Boards are missing from the front, part of the door is missing and most of the roof has fallen in.

The inside of the shed is now open to the elements, much to the dismay of local photographers.

Professional photographer Karl Griffin, 41, who runs Ballachulish-based Glencoe Photography, said: “I’m pretty gutted. I knew it would get worse and worse. I hoped it would get even more photogenic as it fell down, but it seems this is not the case.

“I think rebuilding the shed would be a step too far for me, but I may be able to do some minor repairs to make it look authentic.

“If I can’t repair the shed, I will have to see if I can move the bike a bit to get it into a better position for photographs.”

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The shed used to serve as the engine room servicing power for the glen. It’s unclear when it was built.

Last year the bike, thought to have been there for 40 years, was stolen. Karl was “mortified” and took it upon himself to find a suitable replacement.

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After several months of searching, he eventually found a rusty black Raleigh bike that was about 30 years old on eBay.