Scotland’s creative industries to be examined

AN INQUIRY into Scotland’s creative industries is to be held by Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee.

Despite hosting some of the production for movies like World War Z, there is a feeling that Scotland suffers for not having a film and TV studio. Picture: Robert Perry

It will look at the contribution of the industries to employment and the economy, and consider how UK policy in areas such as tax reliefs and intellectual property rights affects them.

The inquiry will also look at how Scotland’s creative industries compare with the UK as a whole, and how effectively the UK, Scottish and local governments work together to promote them.

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The committee will ask if any changes are needed in terms of tax relief and support to enable the sector to grow.

Its inquiry comes after Holyrood’s Economy Committee looked into the economic impact of the film, television and video games industries and found there appeared to be a lack of strategy for supporting the TV sector, and that a lack of a film and TV studio in Scotland was hampering growth and development.

Scottish Affairs Committee chair Pete Wishart said: “The creative industries in Scotland have a proud history and are also extremely important to the Scottish and UK economies in the present day, employing tens of thousands of people and contributing billions of pounds to the economy.

“The Scottish Government has designated the creative industries as one of the key growth sectors in Scotland, but there is also a need to consider the UK-wide context for the creative industries in Scotland.

“We want to examine how the policies of the UK Government affect these industries and how they could better support the creative industries in Scotland.

“The committee will be looking at policies around intellectual property rights and tax reliefs, as well as how the Scottish creative industries are marketed at home and abroad.

“We also want to hear from industry representatives and the local communities where these industries are based.”