Sarah says staying active is the key to her longevity

Grandmother-of-five Sarah Bald cut the cake to mark her 100th birthday with more than 40 friends and relatives.

Sarah Bald was joined by dozens of guests at her East Lothian home to celebrate her centenary last Sunday.

Earlier, deputy Lord Lieutenant Michael William, Her Majesty's representative in East Lothian, graced the household to present the birthday girl with a message from the Queen which he read aloud.

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Born in Berwick-upon-Tweed, Mrs Bald, nee Geggie, moved to East Linton in 1919 and has remained in the picturesque village.

In her working life she was as housemaid in various stately homes across East Lothian and even acted as a nurse to the former owner of Phantassie Farm.

She married her late husband James, a joiner and fencer, in 1932, a year before the birth of their only child John.

A retired businessman who owned a successful funeral directors in Dunbar, John left the firm which still bears his name in 2002.

Mrs Bald, who has survived all of her six siblings, has four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Speaking to the Evening News, she said: "At the moment I feel I'm very proud to have received a telegram from the Queen and I'm delighted to have received lots and lots of gifts and cards.

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"I have a lot of good friends and neighbours round about me who all came to the party and I had a lovely day."

The centenarian, who despite being partially blind and hard of hearing remains alert and active, received more than 100 birthday cards from well-wishers as well as relatives, and she revealed the secret to her longevity.

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Mrs Bald, who lives in Drylaw Gardens, said: "I keep going as much as possible. I try to keep active and I think it's the answer to a lot of problems.

"My faith has helped me along and no-one will take that away from me.

"I have had a pretty simple life and try to enjoy every day. I know what is most important to me."

She added the greatest gift awarded in life is to be contented.

"I feel grateful for everything I have," she said. "I want to thank everyone who came to the party and all my family for such a lovely day. I had a wonderful time."