Review: Jason Donovan '˜Amazing Midlife Crisis Tour', Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline

I was looking forward to seeing one of my idols in the flesh and I am pleased to say he didn't disappoint.

Jason Donovan appeared in Fife last night (Wednesday). Pic: Stephen Gunn Photography Copyright.
Jason Donovan appeared in Fife last night (Wednesday). Pic: Stephen Gunn Photography Copyright.

Jason Donovan stopped off in Fife last night – at the Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline – with his ‘Amazing Mid-life Crisis Tour’.

This was the first time I had actually been inside the Carnegie Hall and I have to say it is a stunning venue. It was the perfect space for Donovan to spend the evening sharing stories from events that happened throughout his career with a packed theatre. I wasn’t sure how this format would work, as I knew it wasn’t going to be a Jason Donovan concert, but I was pleasantly surprised as it was very entertaining and made for a nice change to be able to sit and listen to a celebrity talk about his life in such an intimate way.

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The Australian heartthrob put his Fife crowd at ease straight off as he pronounced Dunfermline correctly (‘Done-Ferm-Lyn’ - to the hilarity of the audience). The show started with a short film about the former soap star and the difficulties he has been having with his voice.

Jason Donovan was at the Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline last night (Wednesday) with his Amazing Midlife Crisis Tour.

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The stage was set for Jason Donovan at the Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline with his Amazing Midlife Crisis Tour.

He then appeared on stage and took a seat alongside interviewer Andy Richardson before talking in great detail about his life, his family, meets with his idols (including George Michael and Elton John), his well-documented problems with drugs and dealing with the pressures of fame.

It was very enlightening to hear first-hand about the effects of living in the spotlight and the impact it has had on him. Jason revealed how he has been re-evaluating his life since turning 50 and taking stock of what matters the most.

For me though the most interesting talks he gave were the nostalgic ones - about how he got the part in ‘Neighbours’ and how he decided to embark on a pop career. It was also nice to hear about his appearance on stage at Hyde Park on Sunday with friend and former girlfriend, Kylie.

He confessed that it was not pre-planned at all and this was why he didn’t sing (he made the audience laugh when he talked about Kylie hogging the microphone!) But he was aware of the impact that moment had and how much fans had been wanting to see them on stage together again performing their chart-topping hit ‘Especially for You’.

The second half of the show opened with him singing an acoustic version of ‘Any Dream Will Do’ with a musical colleague before we were given an costume tour through the musicals, Strictly Come Dancing, Neighbours (he still has the original skateboard he used to ride on as Scott Robinson) and his stint on I’m A Celebrity – as well as the long red coat he wore for the video ‘When You Come Back To Me’ in 1989 (and impressively it still fits!).

The evening was rounded off with questions from the audience and an acoustic rendition of ‘Too Many Broken Hearts’. The show was a fantastic trip down memory lane and it was great to re-live some of the nostalgia (especially his chat about Smash Hits!). If you are a fan of Jason Donovan this is one show you can’t afford to miss.