Remade Robert The Bruce throne goes on display

A HANDCRAFTED replica of the throne of Battle of Bannockburn victor Robert The Bruce went on display at Scone Palace, the ancient crowning place of the Scottish kings.

Replica of the throne of King Robert the Bruce at Scone Palace. Picture: Graham Hart/Perthshire Picture Agency

The throne has been built from wood from one of the largest and oldest trees in Scotland, the Bruce Oak from the Strathleven Estate, Dunbartonshire, which fell following a fire in 2005.

The tree would have been a sapling when the King himself owned the estate seven centuries ago.

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It also includes timber from across Scotland including pieces from Scone Palace, Turnberry where Bruce was born, and the battlefield at Bannockburn itself.

The throne made in partnership between Historic Scotland and Strathleven Artisians uses oak from Scone Palace where Robert the Bruce was crowned in 1306. Picture: Graham Hart/Perthshire Picture Agency

Since the Bruce Oak fell, the throne has been ten years in the making and has been exhibited internationally already since its completion, visiting Teba in Spain earlier this year with plans for it to travel to Pennsylvania, USA after its stay with Scone Palace.

Makers the Strathleven Artiszans, who aim to promote historical links to King Robert the Bruce and Kind David II, also plan to use the Throne as an educational tool to bring history to life.

Duncan Thomson, chairman of Strathleven Artisans, said: “Strathleven Artizans have worked since 2006 to promote Robert the Bruce, his family and the period in which he lived.

“Robert the Bruce’s story has captivated people for generations.

“It has been amazing being able to showcase the traditionally crafted throne to so many brand new audiences, both young and old, internationally and here in Scotland.

“We are delighted to bring the ‘Great Throne’ to Scone Palace where King Robert the Bruce was crowned all those years ago.”

The Throne is based on studies of Bruce’s seal of 1316 where he is sitting on a throne featuring clawed feet and four mythological creatures on the arm rests, facing north, south east and west to protect the King from every direction.

Margo Baird, Head of Marketing at Scone Palace, said it was “an immense privilege” to exhibit “this incredibly intricate hand crafted throne”.

She said: “We hope many members of the public will visit to admire the throne’s craftmanship and be inspired to learn about this celebrated Scottish King who had such strong historical links to Scone Palace.”

Robert the Bruce’s throne will be on display at Scone Palace until October 31st before it embarks on another adventure with the Strathleven Artizans.