Readers' Queries

Q Can you help staff at the city's Victorian Schoolroom on Brunswick Road find some ink? The period attraction shows modern youngsters what life was like for Victorian children, and part of that involves using split-nib pens.

The school has almost run dry of ink though, and despite searching online for supplies, staff have had no luck. All that's available are small bottles which are not suitable in size and cost too much.

So, do you know where to find large quantities – possibly litre bottles – of washable ink? Blue or black is the preferred colour, but red or green would also be acceptable.

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A In last Saturday's paper, 80-year-old Helen Neilson reflected on her time as matron of Mayfield House, a care home for disabled people and asked readers if they could remember the name of the Hibs player featured in a photograph showing a fundraising event there in March 1971.

Former Hibs coach Stan Vincent made contact, along with reader Iain Shaw, who revealed the player was Kenny Davidson. He was recovering from a compound fracture of the right leg at the time.

Mr Vincent said: "The injury was sustained whilst playing against Celtic reserves. On visiting Davidson at the hospital that evening, the footballer apparently asked 'Was the blue light flashing on the ambulance?'."

Q Jane Young, from Leith, is looking for help from readers as she hunts for shoes across the Capital. Her mum has bunions and needs very wide, deep shoes but the styles of most orthopaedic ones she has discovered seem to be aimed at much older people.

Does anyone know where to get modern, more fashionable shoes in specialist fittings?