Readers' enquiries

Q GRAHAM Whyte, formerly of Prince Regent Street and now of Harrogate, is wondering if anyone has any old school photographs of David Kilpatrick School from the early 1960s.

He says: "I can remember standing on the wall watching The Queen passing by in her car, King Olaf of Norway was with her, on her way down to the Docks.

"Myself and some schoolfriends were flying the Norwegian flag that we borrowed from the Norwegian church next door to the school.

"Does anyone have any photos of around that time?"

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Q Jack Foley, who now lives on Vancouver Island, is looking for members of a team in the Lothian amateur league who played for insurance offices from 1953 to 1958.

He explains: "I came across an old photo of the team who played alongside me during the above years and I'd like to get in touch with them. I have been retired for the last 10 years so these guys are likely to be in their mid-70s."

The players on the photograph are: back row Alan Campbell, Willie Fotheringham, Sammy Black, Gordon Campbell, Jack Foley and Jimmy Melville; front row (left to right) George Ingram, Sandy Foley, Malcolm Guthrie, Charlie and Ian Anderson. Mr Foley can be contacted at [email protected]