Random top ten: Fictional characters called Daisy

1 Daisy Wertham in Driving Miss Daisy

The pernickety, aged southern belle portrayed by Jessica Tandy (who scooped an Oscar for her trouble), famous for losing her licence, forcing her to hire Morgan Freeman to chauffeur her about.

2 Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard

Known for her short shorts and endless legs, this cousin to the eponymous boys of the title didn't just ride shotgun, she could shoot one, too, when the need arose. Undoubtedly sartorially inspired by...

3 Daisy Mae Scragg in Li'l Abner

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She held a torch for Abner during most of the US comic strip's 43-year existence, though she got him to the altar, at last, in the 1950s. She was well known for her cleavage-baring polka-dot blouse and teeny-weeny skirt. Sweet as pie, but beautiful and stupid, which would have pleased …

4 Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby

Wife of Tom, cousin to Nick, the novel's narrator, she is also the object of desire of self-made millionaire Jay Gatsby, whose entire adopted persona is a great grandstanding attempt to become worthy of her love.

5 Daisy Kenyon in Daisy Kenyon

Joan Crawford plays an artist in love with a married man. Realising he'll never leave his wife, she marries a nice chap she doesn't love. As if on cue, her boyfriend gets a divorce. And that, my friends, is why them they call them melodramas.

6 Daisy Duck in assorted Disney adventures

It can't be easy being Donald's girlfriend. For starters, how can you ever be sure what the hell he's saying? Still, she's been standing by her man, er, bird, since 1937, so he must be doing something right.

7 Daisy Miller in Daisy Miller

Henry James's novella concerns a young woman whose flirtatiousness threatens her chances of marriage. A success, but critics called it "an outrage on American girlhood".

8 Daisy in Keeping Up Appearances

Surname free, but burdened with vest-loving Onslow as a mate, she is the downmarket, sex-mad sister of pretentious Hyacinth Bucket.

9 Princess Daisy in Princess Daisy

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The 1980 Judith Krantz bonkbuster (later a TV movie) chronicles the tempestuous adventures of the daughter of a Russian polo-playing playboy (is there any other kind?) and an American actress.

10 Daisy Clover from Inside Daisy Clover

It's 1965 and Natalie Wood is at her most winsome, as a teenage tomboy with big dreams – namely, becoming the toast of Hollywood. It all goes to plan, except the part about being all washed up by her 17th year.