Radio listener: The Folk Show | World on 3 | Pop-Up Economics

So it’s farewell to the Rochdale Cowboy as veteran presenter and folkie Mike Harding rides off into the sunset, to be replaced by a young upstart as Radio 2 launches The FOLK SHOW WITH MARK RADCLIFFE.


Wednesday, Radio 2, 7pm


Friday, Radio 3, 11pm


Wednesday, Radio 4, 8:45pm


Mon-Thu, Radio Scotland, 2.05pm

Radcliffe starts his incumbency by interviewing the English singer-songwriter and fiddler Chris Wood. The Radio 2 folk programme has regularly been accused by grumpy Scots of Anglocentric bias, although Radcliffe does venture north at the end of the month to co-host the Radio 2 Folk Awards at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall during Celtic Connections. The music festival’s 20th anniversary is further celebrated as Radio 3’s resident Gael, Mary Anne Kennedy, presents WORLD ON 3 from the same hall this Friday.

Who pays the piper, rather than calling the tune, is the preoccupation of a new Radio 4 series, POP-UP ECONOMICS, in which economist Tim Harford discusses people and ideas in current economics before a live audience. Wednesday’s topics range from hot pants to a conversation with Nobel Prize co-winner Mario Capecchi about where good ideas come from.

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If you’re of a certain age and indulging in a spot of seasonal taking stock, lend an ear to a new four-part series on Radio Scotland about negotiating middle age. THAT’S ME IN THE MIDDLE opens with Clare English interviewing writer Diana Appleyard about her midlife crisis and the pros and cons of going under the surgeon’s knife to try and keep haggard age at bay.