Quiz of the year: 2010

Which animal does Vladimir Putin want to save? And who is Gillian Duffy? As 2010 draws to a close, test your memory on some of the year's biggest news stories with our fun quiz


1 Name the politician who replaced Peter Mandelson as Business Secretary after the general election?

2 Which mining company agreed to buy Cairn Energy's stake in its Indian subsidiary, Cairn India?

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3 Who was named as the new chief executive of high street stalwart Marks & Spencer?

4 Which Aberdeen-based oil services company did Wood Group buy for a whopping $955m?

5 Which British firm was forced to admit it had found only water just days after making a supposed discovery of oil in the Falklands?

6 Which two major construction companies went into administration?

7 Who won the business category at the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards?

8 Who was named as successor to Eric Daniels as chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group?

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9 The government announced that the state pension age will rise by 2020. What age will both men and women have to be from that year to claim their state pension?

10 Why was Clydesdale Bank forced to write to 18,000 customers in a move that hit the front pages in July?


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11 Which veteran Tory MSP suggested that prisoners should be sent into the cold to clear the snow rather than sitting in their cells watching "soft porn on flatscreen TVs"?

12 Which politician described the Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander as a "ginger rodent"?

13 Which MSP resigned as a Labour spokesman after describing a "very attractive" teenage girl as "dark and dusky" before adding: "The heat's getting to me. She's got that Filipino look. The kind you'd see in a Gauguin painting."

14 Which leadership contender nominated a rival to stand against himself and who did he nominate?

15 Ed Miliband was the first major party leader in British history to have failed to do what, when he took over the Labour leadership in September?

16 Who was the first MP to resign from a job in the coalition government on a matter of principle?

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17 Who said: "Not only will we oppose any raising of the cap, we will scrap tuition fees for good, including for part-time students … Students can make the difference in countless seats in this election. Use your vote to block those unfair tuition fees and get them scrapped once and for all"?

18 What was the name of the Rochdale pensioner who took offence after a chance encounter on the streets with Gordon Brown?

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19 Four SNP Ministers, whose surnames begin with "S", have been forced to apologise to the Scottish Parliament in the course of 2010. Who are they?

20 Which indef-atigable campaigner has said he plans to stand as a Glasgow MSP in next year's Scottish Parliamentary elections?


21 Why did the iPhone 4 get such a poor reception from buyers when it was launched in June?

22 Who became a Facebook user in November but you can only "like" her posts, not become her friend?

23 Which Edinburgh University postgraduate was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for developing in-vitro fertilisation (IVF)?

24 What was the name of the Icelandic volcano whose eruption in April caused flight chaos?

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25 Who brought a bus that thought it was a boat to the Clyde in February?

26 What machine was back with a bang in March after being out of action for 18 months?

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27 Why was Dr Craig Venter described as "playing God" in May?

28 Why should taller and larger people have most to fear from Scotland's most notorious species?

29 Which vitamin did schoolboy Ryan McLaughlin suggest that people should take to reduce the risk of developing MS, in his Shine on Scotland campaign?

30 What did members of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh vote as the most important medical development of the past 50 years?


31Not since Mia Farrow cut her hair while filming Rosemary's Baby has a gamine crop generated so many headlines. Which young actress's coif has cast a spell over the media?

32 You can search high and low, but this internet behemoth can't be found in China, since leaving in a huff. They claimed it was because they can't condone censorship, but their critics say that's a convenient smokescreen for the fact that they weren't generating enough profit. What's the name of the company we're looking for?

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33 This company doubled in size between 2009 and 2010, and now reports some 500 million users. Is it Twitter or Facebook?

34 Following the death of Rue McClanahan in June, only one Golden Girl remains to glitter on our television screens. Who is she? Bonus points if you know her age.

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35From red top to red suspenders? Piers Morgan has a new gig on American television. Which iconic chat show host is he replacing?

36 Which Scot broke records by becoming the first solo artist to have a simultaneous number one album in both the USA and the UK, twice in one year?

37 Which Scottish actress became the muse for a new fragrance in 2010? Created by Etat Libre d'Orange, and called "Like This", it has notes of yellow mandarin, ginger, winter squash, jungle essence, everlasting flower, Moroccan neroli, rose from Grasse, vetiver, heliotrope, and musk. The perfume is packaged with extracts of Sufi poetry, chosen by the superstar herself.

38 First his alleged mistress wrote an open letter to his wife; months later he thought it would be clever to write an open letter to his estranged mother-in-law. That's not the least of this outspoken celebrity's woes. Which kitchen wizard has seen his souffl fall this year?

39 Number four isn't bad for your first year on Forbes magazine's World's Most Powerful Celebrity list — ahead of Tiger Woods, Britney Spears, and all of U2. The magazine said: "Bringing in an estimated $31 million, with a 106-date tour that grossed $95 million, (the mystery celebrity] is also a marketer's dream, teaming up with Polaroid, Virgin Mobile, Monster Cable and Viva Glam. Who is it?

40. "It's the best friendship ever depicted in fiction." Which super-successful Scottish screenwriter said that, and who was he talking about?


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41 "I specialise in a very specific kind of security. Subconscious security." Who?

42 What did Julianne Moore and Laura Fraser make headlines for doing this year? (Clue: Julianne did it on film, Laura on TV)

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43 And what did Robert Downey JR and Benedict Cumberbatch both do?

44 What did Peeping Tom and Coronation Street have in common?

45 Who (it was claimed) made a Hollywood-style sci-fi movie for just $15,000?

46 Which movie was set entirely inside a small box buried underground?

47 Who won the last ever Big Brother?

48 What was wrong with the title of The Karate Kid?

49 Which movie began with Adrien Brody falling out of the sky?

50 And which ended with a boy called Andy finally letting go of childhood things?


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51 Which team did Scotland beat in Craig Levein's first match as manager?

52 What was the result in Tony Mowbray's last match as Celtic manager?

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53 Scotland won just one game in the Six Nations Championship – against which country?

54 Who skipped the Scottish women's curling team that won silver at the World Championships?

55 Which football club reached the Scottish Cup final for the first time this year?

56 Who was Scotland's first gold medallist at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi?

57 Jennifer McIntosh won two gold medals and a bronze for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games – in which sport?

58 In which sport did Scotland captain Linda Clement win her 150th cap this year?

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59 How many points were Dundee FC deducted for going into administration for a second time?

60 Who scored the only goal of the game in Manchester United's Champions League win over Rangers at Ibrox last month?


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61 The disastrous colonial venture led by Scottish trader and financier William Paterson was the inspiration for which Edinburgh International Festival production? Who played Paterson?

62 A fragment of Jean Armour's wedding dress is a key exhibit at which brand-new Scottish museum?

63 An art school reject found fame with an old Scottish folk song. Name a) the artist and b) the song.

64 A star of The Wire television series appeared in a major musical revival at the Edinburgh Fringe. What is his name, and what was the show?

65 Which comedian's gag about the holiday of a lifetime won the funniest joke award at this year's Edinburgh Fringe?

66 Which actress, and which filmmaker and writer, were together named creative advisers to Scotland's new Centre for the Moving Image (CMI)?

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67 Which sculptor placed six works in Edinburgh, from the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art to Leith Docks?

68 Multi-million transformations of two cultural flagships in Edinburgh will be unveiled in 2011. What are they?

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69 What group of Scottish artists got a historic showing at the Royal Academy of the Arts in London this winter?

70 Which acclaimed TV drama did STV viewers not get to see?


71 Which Edinburgh restaurant became the fifth in the capital to be awarded a Michelin star in January 2010?

72 Which Scottish distillery celebrated its 200th anniversary this year?

73 Which Scottish delicacy began a campaign this year to be given the same status as champagne, protecting its geographical origin?

74 Top chef Heston Blumenthal created a special Christmas pudding for supermarket Waitrose, which has been so popular that it's been spotted on eBay for as much as 499. Which whole fruit is hidden in the middle of it?

75 Which top Scottish chef celebrated ten years of his eponymous cook school in 2010?

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76 Edinburgh restaurateur David Ramsden opened the third in his series of Dogs restaurants in February 2010. What's it called?

77 Which Scottish restaurant was named one of the top five in the world this year by famed New York critic Frank Bruni?

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78 Who picked up both the Chef of the Year and Restaurant of the Year awards at this year's Scottish Restaurant Awards?

79 Which city was named Curry Capital of Britain in 2010?

80 Which television chef opened his first Scottish restaurant in Glasgow this year?


81 Which alcoholic drink has been mentioned in 5,000 crime reports by Scotland's biggest police force in the last three years?

82 Where are Edin-burgh's trams currently being built?

83 Which legendary Scottish rugby commentator died in 2010?

84 Home-coming was the Scottish Government's big theme for 2009, but what was the theme for 2010?

85 How did Mary Bale enrage cat lovers?

86 Who went from being a painter and decorator to the winner of X-Factor?

87 Who popped out for a loaf of bread in Rochdale and came back with Brown toast?

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88 Who surprised David and Samantha Cameron by joining them on holiday in Cornwall?

89 Professor David Wilson, one of Britain's top serial killer experts has identified which man as the dance-hall fiend Bible John?

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90 Which company did ex-RBS banker Fred Goodwin join in January 2010?


91 How many known sons of North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il are there?

92 One of the 33 men rescued from the Chilean mine accident was not from Chile — where was he from?

93 What event was Polish President Lech Kacynski flying to commemorate in Russia when his plane crashed, killing him and 95 others?

94 Which senior Greek government operative ran away to New York when the deception in the country's economic figures was revealed?

95 How many people died from the immediate effects of Haitian earthquake in January?

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96 The Icelandic volcano that put European air travel at a standstill was called Eyjafjallajkull – what does the name mean?

97 What was the Gaza aid ship attacked by Israeli commandos called?

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98 What did the first leak from Wikileaks garnered from the intelligence material they received from US Army Private Bradley Manning show ?

99 Tea Party candidate Christine 0'Donnell denied being a practitioner of which dark art?

100 What species of animal does "Alpha Dog" Russian leader Vladimir Putin have a particular interest in saving?

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