Preview: Funeral For A Friend, Cabaret Voltaire

WELSH rockers Funeral For A Friend return to the Capital on Saturday as part of the Dr Martens’ #StandForSomething Tour.

Funeral For A Friend. Pic: Comp

The tour, which brings bands to five cities across the UK, playing intimate venues finds Funeral For A Friend checking into Cabaret Voltaire on Blair Street.

Since their inception in 2001, the Welsh ‘post-hard-core’ act have consistently pushed the boundaries of their genre and carved a place for themselves as one of the UK’s most electrifying rock bands. From their breakthrough album Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation through to last year’s Conduit, they are a compelling prospect both on record and in a live setting.

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But in keeping with the name of the tour, what do Funeral For A Friend stand for?

Lead singer Matthew Davies-Kreye, needs no second asking, “The idea that music can break down walls that segregate us in everyday life and can make you feel a part of something larger than yourself, that’s something to stand for. A real sense of community and belonging.”

Funeral For A Friend, Cabaret Voltaire, Blair Street, Saturday, 7pm, £5,