In Pictures: 11 ancient items the Vikings left in Scotland

The Vikings loved to show off their wealth and status - with a rich treasure trove of jewels and goods left behind in Scotland as a result.

Two shoulder brooches and beads found in a Viking woman's grave at Kneep in Uig on the Isle of Lewis. PIC: National Museums Scotland.

The Norsemen, who settled in parts of Scotland from the 8th to 15th Century, first arrived in summer raids and went on to control the Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland.

Viking leaders displayed their riches by wearing silver jewellery and gained support and status by giving silver gifts.

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In death, men were typically buried with jewels, weapons and smithing tools with women laid to rest with brooches and tools for textile weaving and cloth making.

Here we look at what the Vikings left behind, from the extraordinary to the everyday, and what the items tell us about how they lived.