In pictures: 10 amazing relics the Romans left in Scotland

A fascinating collection of relics from the Roman occupation of Scotland give us vivid insight into the way the legions lived, fought and played.

This bronze lamp was found at Loudon Hill Fort in Ayrshire. It's unusual given most other relics of this kind were made from clay. PIC: The Hunterian/Glasgow University.

From gaming boards to children’s shoes, cavalry masks and statues of Roman gods secured to horses for luck, the pieces have been recovered from the forts which guarded the Antonine Wall, the most northerly frontier of the Roman Empire.

The wall, made from turf and timber, spanned around 37 miles between the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Clyde. At one point, up to 7,000 men were stationed along the wall in seventeen forts and several smaller enclosures.

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It was abandoned around 162AD, roughly 20 years after it was first ordered by Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius, with the forces withdrawing to Hadrian’s Wall.

Many of the items featured are on display at The Hunterian at Glasgow Museum with the Trimontium Trust, which runs a museum of Roman artefacts in the Scottish Borders, also putting forward the most significant objects from the area.