Pets Q&A

Q My dog, Trixie, has just had her first season. Is there anything extra I should be doing to take care of her?

A The main thing to remember is that during her season, Trixie will be very attractive to male dogs, so you should prevent her from having contact with them, to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

PDSA vets strongly recommend having dogs neutered. Having Trixie "spayed" will stop her from coming into season in future and prevent unwanted puppies.

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There are also long-term health benefits, including reducing the risk of her developing breast cancer and preventing her from developing a potentially life-threatening condition called pyometra. There are no benefits to a dog of having a litter before she's neutered. The greatest benefits are often achieved if a dog is neutered in the first year of its life, so I would recommend you discuss this with your vet.

Q My kittens have very runny eyes. Can you give me any advice?

A You need to get your kittens checked by your vet because it's possible they have cat flu. This is an infectious disease caused by viruses and bacteria and one of the symptoms is runny eyes. It can also cause sneezing, lack of appetite and make them appear generally unwell.

If cat flu is the problem, your kittens will probably need antibacterial eye drops to treat any infection. Depending how unwell they are, your vet may also prescribe other medicines to help them get better.

Q I have a male rabbit, Bugs, who loves attention but gets upset any time we leave him. Why is he reacting in this way and what can we do?

A Rabbits are very social animals and should have company from other rabbits. If a rabbit is kept alone he should have the opportunity to interact with people for several hours each day, but company from another rabbit is preferred.

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It sounds as though your rabbit would benefit from a companion. The best pair is a neutered male with a neutered female, as they are less likely to fight and won't breed. A guinea pig or other animal wouldn't make a suitable companion.

Before introducing a second rabbit you should ensure that Bugs's home is big enough to accommodate them both. Rabbits need a large hutch with a large exercise run (ideally attached so they can have constant access). They also need hiding places such as cardboard boxes and tubes.

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They will need to be introduced to one another slowly. For advice, visit or