Peep Show series nine: what we know so far

ONE of the nation’s favourite sitcoms, Peep Show, will be on our screens for its final run this month. Here are some things we know about the last-ever season (warning: contains spoilers from series eight)

The final series of Peep Show starts on Channel 4

The show stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb, playing Mark Corrigan and Jeremy “Jez” Usbourne respectively, and is set for its ninth and final season. In 2010, it became Channel 4’s longest-running comedy, having been on air since 2003.

In case you haven’t seen it: Mark and Jez share a flat in Croydon, and they’re a classic odd couple. Mark is a loan manager with a bleak and cynical view of the world. He is as responsible as Jeremy is irresponsible - as an unemployed wannabe musician. The show is filmed in a unique way, making use of point-of-view shots, “talking heads” and the thoughts of Mark and Jeremy spoken out loud as voiceovers.

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For the rest of you who are all caught up, here’s what we know about Mark and Jez’s last hurrah.

1. The show is set to return Wednesday 11 with the final six episodes

2. It’s been over three years since a new episode of Peep Show was on the screen, but the show’s time line will only jump forward six months, from the night in the field (a cliffhanger involving a spurned Jez)

3. Mark has a new flatmate, Jerry. Mark still hasn’t forgiven Jez for declaring his love for his girlfriend, Dobby

4. Jerry is, essentially, a Mark 2.0: he has a keen interest in William Morris documentaries and reading nights in. But will this really be what Mark wants, or needs? Jez, meanwhile, finds himself a guest in Super Hans’ bathroom, converting the bath into a bed/toilet. Dobby is still in New York

5. Mark is fearing for the safety of his new job, now working in a bank, but has not sold a loan in a while

6. According to the synopsis for the show, both Jez and Mark “are struggling to adjust to middle age, needing to find what their place in the world now looks like”

7. Super Hans is living a clean and healthy lifestyle and the first episode will see him celebrating his stag night

With only six episodes left in Mark and Jez’s life, will they finally get their happily ever after? Probably not.

• Peep Show’s ninth series begins on November 11, Channel 4