My Preftect Weekend: Jules Reeley

Jules Reeley is the director of Nachos Fiesta in Fountain Park.

1 Who would your ideal weekend companion be and why? I would have to say my husband, Rob – but if American chef Guy Fieri was around I’d spend it with him instead

2 Where would you take him and why? Stockholm - it’s the most fantastic weekend city, especially in winter. All the shops, cafes, bars and restaurants have candles at the entrance to welcome you. We would stay at Berns Hotel.

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3. Where would you go for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Breakfast would be at Chokladkoppen, which is the smallest cafe but has wonderful hot chocolate in bowls, then lunch at Sturehof, the most fantastic fish restaurant, and then steak frites at Berns Bistro.

4. What item would you not be without?

My lipgloss – I have one in every handbag!

5. How would your perfect weekend finish? At home, pyjamas, wine, DVD . . . bliss!