My perfect weekend: Matin Khan

MATIN Khan is the head chef and owner of Itihaas in Dalkeith

1. Who would be your ideal companion? I enjoy spending my free time with my family, so I would have to say my lovely wife.

2. Where would you take her? Stobo Castle Health Spa in Peebleshire. We could enjoy some spa treatments and really relax, and maybe even have a dip in the pool.

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3. Where would you go for breakfast, lunch and dinner? We would have breakfast behind closed doors, but for lunch we would dine at my restaurant Radhuni in Loanhead, then head to my second restaurant Itihaas in Dalkeith for dinner. It would be a day of delicious Indian cuisine.

4. What item could you not be without? My iPad – it keeps me in touch with the rest of the world and I have to admit I am slightly addicted to it.

5. How would your weekend finish? After relaxing and enjoying so much good food the weekend would probably end with an early night and a sound sleep before work again on Monday.