Music review: Superorganism, CCA, Glasgow

God help us if there's a war. Unless there is a possibility of weaponising Superorganism's happy pills. This motley collective, comprising members from the US, South Korea, Japan and the Antipodes, all live and record together in their East London HQ like some sort of psychedelic cult taking their message to the streets and stages like a tambourine-wielding, robot dancing, glitter face-painted Greek chorus.

Teenage vocalist Orono Noguchi didnt seem ready for a Glasgow audience
Teenage vocalist Orono Noguchi didnt seem ready for a Glasgow audience

CCA, Glasgow ***

The older founder members have adopted teenage vocalist Orono Noguchi, a petite presence in 3D glasses, who swigged gamely from a bottle of Diet Irn Bru but seemed otherwise unprepared for the friendly fire coming her way from a Glasgow audience.

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Her wide-eyed naivety extended to the overall sound, a fun but flimsy collage of indie pop, funky beats and sundry samples, including arcade game sound effects, shot through with a wistful streak in the spirit of The Flaming Lips, The Polyphonic Spree and other addled pop practitioners with more developed songwriting abilities. The cute and catchy Everybody Wants To Be Famous and the indie mantra Something For Your Mind are the standout hooks for now.

But if the patchwork sounds weren’t quite enough to seduce, there was a secondary assault on the senses with all the acid bright colours and auto-suggestive visuals of space travel and aquatic life.

By the end of their brief set, Noguchi had switched to the full fat version of our other national drink, and band and audience were at one with whatever it was they were at one with.