Music review: Sugarhill Gang Featuring The Furious Five, St Luke's, Glasgow

Call it a happily freewheeling celebration of old school hip-hop led by some original rap superstars, or a will-this-do ­rabble of padded out ­borderline tribute act nostalgia. Either way, for all its shortcomings '“ obnoxiously overloud sound not least among them '“ this was a fun show in a shonky sort of way.

Sugarhill Gang Featuring The Furious Five, St Luke’s, Glasgow ***

Sugarhill Gang wrote themselves into music history back in 1979 when Rapper’s Delight became the world’s first bona-fide hip-hop chart hit.

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Besides other semi-hits such as Apache – best known for featuring in a funny dance routine scene in The Fresh Prince of Belle Air, the moves from which were gleefully mimicked by many in the crowd – that’s pretty much all that music ­history records of the Englewood, New Jersey, ensemble, which today ­features two original ­members in Michael ‘Wonder Mike’ Wright and Guy ‘Master Gee’ O’Brien. Much rap ­karaoke filler ensued as they ran down the clock towards playing the song everyone had come for.

Renowned for their work with DJ/producer Grandmaster Flash, South Bronx New York City’s The Furious Five are these days down to a tenacious two, in Eddie ‘Scorpio’ Morris and the beefcake muscular Melvin ‘Melle Mel’ Glover. Sugarhill Gang threw them the stage for a bit, and after more filler, they ­eventually got to the point with a ­frustratingly abridged ­snippet of their best-known track The Message.

After a time, as its bassline lifted from Chic’s Good Times shook the floor and a bottle of Buckfast was passed around the stage, we got Rapper’s Delight. And that was more or less it. To say it had been a delight would be an overstatement, but neither can anyone have left disappointed. - MALCOLM JACK