Music review: The Killers

How is it possible for a band as huge and experienced as The Killers to play an arena concert with such an abysmal sound mix? I've witnessed hundreds of enormo-gigs in my time, including many at this particular venue, and very few have ever sounded this bad.

Brandon Flowers of The Killers
Brandon Flowers of The Killers

Hydro, Glasgow **

These chart-topping Vegas rock pros project hollow bombast at the best of times, but at least the likes of Somebody Told Me, Smile Like You Mean It, Jenny Was a Friend of Mine and Mr Brightside possess an undeniably hooky pop nous. Here they were reduced to lumpen soup.

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Brandon Flowers’ android croon drifted in and out of focus. He sounded like someone doing Killers karaoke in a faraway recalcitrant dodgem car. The guitars, keyboards and female backing singers were barely audible. To make matters worse, this ugly soundscape was dominated by a monstrously overbearing bass. Seeing as most of The Killers’ bass-lines are dull, repetitive root-note throbs, the effect was mind-numbing.

The sonic sludge forced me to focus on Flowers. With his salmon-pink leather sports jacket, Colgate smile and plastic quiff he looked like an oversized Ken doll, although at least his glossy Tom Cruise blandness was offset by moth-eaten bassist Jake Blanton and gurning drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr looking like The Hairy Bikers going through a frightening midlife crisis.

The sold-out crowd appeared to be enjoying themselves – I sincerely hope they were – but I suspect deep down they knew their ears, coffers and favourite killer tunes were being murdered.