Mixtape Podcast: Falko Brocksieper

This week, we introduce Berlin DJ, Falko Brocksieper. He’s the DJ/producer behind two underground techno labels, Substatic and Karloff.

Name: Falko Brocksieper

Hometown: Berlin

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Style: Techno

Label: Sub Static

Website: http://www.falkobrocksieper.net/

He has released more than 100 tracks in ten years and his third album ‘Shortcake Strategy’ is due out now on the Treibstoff imprint. The ten-track album sizzles with funky, organic techno, and has more than a few dance-floor bombs thrown in for good measure. In his mixtape, Brocksieper pulls together a selection of tracks which inspired him to DJ - entitling it as, ‘The Influential Mix’. 


01: Mouse on Mars – Schnick Schnack Meltmade [Too Pure, 1997]

02: Two Lone Swordsmen – Mr. Paris’s Monsters [Warp, 1998]

03: Grumptronix – Black Orchid [Silicon Audio, 1996]

04: Peter Elflein – Roots [HAL9000, 1999]

05: Mark Ambrose – Greetings from Madam Dominique [Mosaic, 1999]

06: Vibert/Simmonds – Aple [Rephlex, 1993]

07: Pin-Ups in Exile – Body Shop [Pomelo, 1995]

08: Baby Ford – Mobile Home [Black Market International, 1997]

09: DJ Sneak – Purple Haze [Relief, 1995]

10: DJ Slip – Sketches Vol. 1 [Missile, 1996]

11: Robert Hood – Wandering Endlessly [M-Plant, 1996]

12: Anthony Shakir – Fact of the Matter [7th City, 1998]

13: La Cienda Honduras – Om Igen [Gungeligung, 1999]

14: Funky Transport – Vice [Playhouse, 2003]

15: JP Buckle – One For Da Laydeez [Rephlex, 1998]

16: Kenny Larkin – Azimuth [Warp, 1994]

17: Steve Stoll – Ausgang II [Synewave NY, 1995]

18: Dettinger – Blond [Kompakt, 1999]

19: JP Buckle – Heavy Soil [Rephlex, 1998]

20: Dave Tarrida & Tobias Schmidt – Teenager [Tresor, 1998]

21: Photek – Glamourama [Science, 2000]

22: Todd Sines – Can’t Keep Up [Residual, 1996]

23: Hell+Jonzon – Bastoya [Disko B, 1995]

24: Ratio – Motorcity Revisited / Daniel Bell Mix [Central, 2001]

25: Justin Berkovi – Temptation [Nightrax, 2001]

26: Fred Fresh – 5 Mouths [Sounds, 1995]

27: Alenia vs. Torul V – Ladua Theme [Tissju, 2000]

28: Planetary Assault Systems – Function 4 [Peacefrog, 2000]

29: Plaid – Ol [Warp, 1997]

30: Chiapet – Tick Tock [Phonography, 1999]

31: G.T.O. – Majika Dub [React, 1995]

32: Tobias Schmidt – Mean It [Scandinavia, 1999]

33: DJ ESP – Sick & Tired [Communique, 1994]

34: Cristian Vogel – The Eternal Now [Mosquito, 1999]

(On top: Andrea Covington – Glen21 Interview [Tomorrow, 1999])

35: Le Car – Cinematic Automatic / Heinrich Mueller Remix [Intuit Solar, 1999]

Q&A Interview

What’s your top tune of the moment?

Barker & Baumecker - Schlang Bang - Ostgut Ton

First track you bought was…

Sven Vaeth - Ritual Of Life (Tribal Acid Mix)

Favourite all time track is…

Aril Brikha - Groove la Chord.

Your favourite DJ of 2012 is…

Jonas Kopp.

What made you want to be a DJ/producer?

The desire to be closer to the music I love.

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be?

I studied multi – media -‘something’… So, I’d probably be bored to tears working in some visual - ‘something’ agency.

What was your first experience of clubbing?

Union Rave #3 in Duesseldorf, November 1993

What DJs and artists have influenced you?

Robert Hood, Mad Mike Banks, Cristian Vogel, Baby Ford, Woody McBride, Laurent Garnier, Richard Bartz, Drexciya, Maurizio, Jeff Mills, to name just a few…

How would you describe your style?

I’m trying to deliver a timeless, non-trendy techno experience.

When working in the studio, do you have a golden formula?

For me it’s important to work quickly and not get lost in details, too early. I think retaining distance to what you’re working on is one of most important and most difficult aspects of producing music.

What’s your favourite piece of studio equipment?

My speakers and acoustic room treatment. Everything else is inter-changeable.

What set up do you use when DJing?

I use CD’s, and a few vinyls. CD’s offer me the quickest and easiest access. I don’t see the point in interfacing with timecode vinyls, just for the sake of just playing the same digital files in a different way. Personally, I don’t need the additional possibilities many software packages offer. I play tracks that stand for themselves and don’t need any major tweaking… or tweaking for tweaking sake.

I love vinyl but I’ve had that for 15 years and just lost the puristic thrill about it. What I really bores me, is people who talk about the format all the time and value that higher than the music itself. I’ve heard both, brilliant and bullshit sets via all availabe technologies – the music is more important.

What advice can you give anyone wanting to DJing?

Don’t try to sound like somebody else.

Have you got a favourite club or festival? 

I’ve had some of my best moments in Israel, at the Pacotek parties. There are underground techno parties with a great crowd and no musical dogmas.

What’s been happening in 2012?

My new album ‘Shortcake Strategy’ has been by far, my most important project. I’ve also been busy working on remixes and released an EP on my own label - Sub Static - which includes a remix by Conforce.

What’s your plans for the future?

The album tour is taking off, which I’m excited about - I’ll be in Riga on Friday (12/10/12) and in Paris next week. We’re also focusing on another US tour, but that will be early next year. Production-wise I’m creating additional pseudonyms for various projects. I realize people have one perception of your work, and therefore it gets hard to create something different – or connect with new ideas and keeping them in the context they were originally percieved. I’m looking for some magic - a fresh start to bring new possibilities.