Men from Edinburgh and the Lothians wanted for 90s rave film

The Scottish filmmakers behind Ken Loach's popular movies are looking for actors to appear in a new film set in the 1990s rave scene.

Directed by Brian Welsh, Beats tells the story of two young men who lives in a Scottish town at the time of the 1994 Criminal Justice Act - which effectively outlawed raves.

The open casting is looking for men from across the central belt - Edinburgh, the Lothians and Dundee - to take on the roles.

No previous acting is necessary.

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The feature is being made by Sixteen Films and producers say they are hoping to discover the next Martin Compston.

Kathleen Crawford Casting are looking for “two teenage boys, with or without any acting experience, who could be the next Martin Compston, William Ruane, or Paul Brannigan.

“We are looking for boys from across the central belt - West Lothian, Dundee and Edinburgh - not Glasgow or West Coast - for these characters.”

Speaking to the Herald newspaper, Mr Welsh said: “Both Sixteen films and Kathleen Crawford have an honourable history of street casting in Scotland, launching the careers of some of Scotland’s finest young actors working today.

“Many of these guys had no idea that they could be screen stars and maybe even took some convincing.

“So if you or someone you know could be the next James McAvoy then get in touch, there’s nothing to lose.

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“This is a fantastic, potentially life changing, opportunity.”

One casting call is being held on December 4 at the Summerhall venue in Edinburgh and another, on December 3, is being held at Bathgate Regal Theatre, both between 11am and 4pm.