Look flutterly fabulous with some eye-catching false lashes

Look flutterly fabulous with some eye-catching false lashes

Starry eyed ? ? ? ? Cosmic Chains, Shu Uemura (www.shuuemura.co.uk), 26. We already know Shu Uemura falsies are things of extraordinary beauty. These space-age sparklers look heavy, but are light as a feather and are strangely subtle - until you flutter those baby blues and everyone within eyeshot gets a flash of silver. Application takes a little getting used to - the trick is to wait until the lash glue is quite tacky first. Doesn't include glue.

Showgirl ? ? ? ? Pink Feathers (No 46), Stargazer (www.stargazer-products.com), 5. These fabulous fuchsia pink lashes are not for the faint-hearted. Easy to apply, once on you can truly reveal the X Factor star within. They make the perfect accessories for the office Christmas party.

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Light fantastic ? ? ? ? Peacock, designed by Ting Yu Wang, Paperself (www.paperself.com), 13. These delicate paper lashes are definitely for those who like to make a statement. Slightly tricky to apply, they are also on the long side so may need trimmed. Once on, however, it's easy to forget they're there as they're so light. Accessorise with full-on make-up and plenty of attitude. Doesn't include glue.

Prize eyes ? ? ? ? Limited edition in black feature, La La Lashes (www.lalalashes.co.uk), 9.95. My, oh my. With the exception of a Disney Cow heroine, you've never seen lashes like these. Coming in at 4cm long, they give the appearance of waiting for a Priscilla audition, but you make a statement (and a half). For lashes quite so big, they were astonishingly easy to apply and the supplied adhesive meant they stayed put - through an awful lot of batting.

Natural look ? ? ? ? Enchanting Elegant Eyes with rhinestones, Ardell, at Boots, 5.79. When your date admires your fluttering lashes and asks if they're real, you can honestly reply in the affirmative. They are real, just not your own. Made from 100 per cent human hair, they're encrusted with diamant sparkles that make them perfect for parties and once they're on, they're on for the duration.

Green-eyed ? ? ? ? Eylure Vivid Lashes, at Superdrug, 6.50. OK, let's not pretend these vivid green falsies with red stars on the tips are subtle. Still, they're great fun, and don't look nearly as freaky as you might expect. Fab for fancy dress or for those who don't take themselves too seriously. Glue supplied.

This article was first published in the Scotland on Sunday on December 5, 2010