Kodi box crackdown to make it harder to stream sports and TV shows

A coalition of entertainment organisations is set to tackle the issue of pirate streaming devices and apps such as Kodi boxes.
There is to be a clampdown on Kodi boxes.There is to be a clampdown on Kodi boxes.
There is to be a clampdown on Kodi boxes.

The devices, which have grown in popularity in the UK in the last few years allow users to watch films, TV shows and stream live sports once purchased.

However, all of that could change with a crackdown planned on the importation of such devices.

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Kodi users could face up to 10 years in prison
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The Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) are set to target criminal organisations bringing the boxes into the country and anyone importing devices that allow users to live stream.

The clampdown will focus, in particular, on pre-loaded devices which allow users to install add ons and breach content that is behind subscriptions or paywalls.

While Kodi can still be downloaded on devices, the pre-installed options are significantly more popular due to the difficulty in installing such a service from scratch.

If the import of boxes is successful is could have a knock on effect in the UK.

It has been reported that the clampdown is being backed by, Disney, Fox, HBO Asia, NBCUniversal, Premier League, BBC Worldwide, National Basketball Association, and many more.

Neil Gane, the general manager of the organisation said: “This is a highly organized transnational crime with criminal syndicates profiting enormously at the expense of consumers as well as content creators.”