Keeping Fleetwood Mac legacy alive

Tribute acts are ten a penny nowadays, all looking to give fans a taste of the real thing.

But when you are given the golden seal of approval by the band you are paying homage too, you know you are on to a winner.

With over 600 major concert events behind them to date, Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac has now performed to over 700,000 fans across the world.

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The show has now established itself across the world as the “Ultimate Celebration Concert” to Fleetwood Mac.

With an array of styles and a mixture of musical genres, Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac have perfected the legacy of blues, rock and pop classics that made the originals the stand out icons of the music industry that they are today.

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Guitarist Alan Hughes, who takes on the “role” of Lindsey Buckingham, said: “It’s a curious thing trying to emulate one of your musical heroes, so to keep this homage together for the last 14 years has occasionally proved quite stressful.

“All the usual suspects must be in the show or people will say ‘why didn’t they play that one?’ ... it’s very tough to decide!

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And with a huge back catalogue, there is a lot of songs to choose from.

“For me, I could choose all my favourite Lindsey solo songs from some of his own albums or the more obscure live cuts from concerts, but all said and done perhaps its about performing the classic Lindsey tracks. That is why I love this show. Some of Lindsey’s spirit is starting to creep int0 the show now with the likes of Tusk, Go Insane and Eyes of the World and I relish the opportunity to jump in with my size tens!” he continued.

“I’m sure there will be something in the shows to enjoy, whether you’re new to our show or a die-hard Fleetwood Mac fan.”

Rumours of Fleetwood Mac play the Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow (Feb 23), Musical Hall, Aberdeen (Feb 24), Eden Court Theatre (Feb 26), Caird Hall, Dundee (Feb 27) and the Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh (Feb 28).

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For tickets, visit: website