Keane Wallis-Bennett iTunes song tops Taylor Swift

Keane's Song by Keane's GirlsKeane's Song by Keane's Girls
Keane's Song by Keane's Girls
A charity song in memory of tragic schoolgirl Keane Wallis-Bennett has been downloaded thousands of times in just a few days, catapulting the Christmas single into the top 50 iTunes chart.

Keane’s Song, penned by her friends with help from the school’s chaplaincy, has even outsold pop superstar Taylor Swift in recent days.

Despite getting no airtime on commercial radio, it was the top trending song yesterday and appears to be on track for a spot in the Top 40.

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The song was written shortly after Keane’s death at Liberton High School on April 1 and released on Monday,

It is hoped that the poignant three-minute anthem by Keane’s Girls will raise thousands of pounds for a memorial garden in the campus dedicated to the S1 pupil.

School chaplain David McNeish, probationer minister, helped them to compose the song when Liberton Northfield church was opened up for school pupils to have somewhere to reflect on the tragedy.

He said: “Thousands have downloaded it. I’m so pleased for the girls. It’s been a huge amount of work and a very emotional song for them to have to record.

“It’s obviously connecting with people. The response has been amazing and it really helps everyone involved to know that so many people are supportive. The girls are already number one as far as I’m concerned. No chart position can change what happened but every single download is a gesture of solidarity with a remarkable group of pupils.”

The track pays tribute to the 12-year-old who died when a free-standing wall fell on top of her while changing for PE.

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The idea was proposed after a group of first year pupils overheard the school chaplain strumming on his guitar in the church and suggested a song to celebrate Keane’s life.

Throughout the evening the pupils continued to write the song which was sung at a memorial service in Liberton Northfield the following week, and was also sung at Keane’s funeral service later in the month.

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Eireann Tansey, 13, of Keane’s Girls said: “It means so much to all of us. I’m proud of this song making it into the charts. Keane would love it.”

Keane was a big music fan who loved to dance and her favourite band was One Direction.

Naomi Wells, 13, of Ferniehill, added: “I can’t believe that we made this song to help us and now it is on iTunes.”

Emma-Michelle Brown, 12, said “I think it’s amazing and I’m proud of all of us, the song just comforts me and it really helps us all.”

Head Teacher Stephen Kelly said the song was a “fitting tribute to Keane” because it was as all about her life and her friends’ memories of her.

“I’ve been so impressed with the way the pupils have put their heart and soul into this project and they deserve enormous credit for what they have achieved. I’m really pleased it’s doing so well in the charts.”