Kajaki trailer: Hero Mark Wright’s story premieres

THE world premiere of a film immortalising the sacrifice of an Edinburgh war hero has been shown.

David Elliot plays Mark Wright. Picture: PA

Corporal Mark Wright has been portrayed in a harrowing big-budget thriller.

Kajaki, The True Story stars Game of Thrones actor Mark Stanley as the medic who tries to save Cpl Wright and is produced by Gareth Ellis-Unwin, best known for The King’s Speech.

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Cpl Wright died in Helmand province while trying to rescue an injured comrade trapped in an unmarked Afghan minefield and was awarded a posthumous George Cross, one of the UK’s highest honours.

David Elliot plays Mark Wright. Picture: PA

His parents, Bob and Jem Wright, will be at the London premiere but admitted they were “nervous” about the prospect of watching their son’s final moments on the big screen.

Mr Wright, 67, said: “We are both nervous, and don’t know what to expect. My brother-in-law saw it in a private screening and he said it was a cracking film and does the guys over there proud.

“We are sitting at the back of the cinema so nobody will see me nipping out if it proves too much.

“We would rather he was still here but hopefully this film will make his name live on for longer.”

A charity preview screening will be held at the Edinburgh Omni Centre on Monday, attended by the filmmakers, actors and some of their real-life counterparts.

Cpl Wright died in September 2006 after becoming stranded in a minefield during a mission against the Taliban near the Kajaki Dam in Helmand province.

The 27-year-old took command when two paratroopers were blown up by mines, and sent a radio request for help. But the Chinook helicopter sent to rescue them set off mines as it tried to land, causing him fatal injuries and wounding others.

Making his directorial debut, Paul Katis said: “There has not been a war movie depicting British soldiers in true events from any conflict since the Second World War 70 years ago. We set out to rectify that with a film that depicts the experiences of soldiers in Afghanistan as they themselves remember.”